SeaSucker Talon Suction Cup Single Bike Rack

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SeaSucker Talon 1 Bike Rack
Discover the SeaSucker Talon, the premium bike transportation solution with exclusive free Huske plugs only at, boasting free shipping in the USA and proudly featuring all-American made products.

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SeaSucker Talon 1-Up Bike Rack
The dream car bike rack doesn’t exist. Hold on a minute – you’ve not seen the SeaSucker Talon yet. This mind-blowing piece of equipment keeps your bike and car safe and can be installed in just a few minutes.

Honestly, even your kids could do it – although we don’t recommend you test that out.

  • Holds 1 bike up to 45 lbs
  • Attaches to roof, trunk, or hatchback
  • Secures to metal, glass, or fiberglass
  • Made from thick polythene for durability and strength
  • Weighs just 6lbs

A Suction Bike Rack That Fits Any Car In Many Ways
Three suction cups easily attach to any vehicle, each with a pull-strength rating of 210 lbs. No matter the shape or size of your car, you’ll be able to position these cups to suit your needs. Whether you’re driving an SUV or a small sports car, you can take your bike on the road no matter what.

Trunk, roof, or back glass – whichever you use, the vacuum cups hold the bike securely in place, making for a stress-free journey.

Compact, Lightweight, & Easy To Carry
If you’re headed on vacation and want to take your bike, the SeaSucker Talon is the ideal companion. It fits easily in carry-on luggage and means you’ll be able to attach your bike to any rental vehicle you use on vacation.

Damn, this thing makes cycling vacations easier to plan and much more fun!

Swift Install & Rapid Removal
Nobody enjoys messing around and taking ages to attach and remove a car bike rack – if they say they do, they’re lying.

The SeaSucker Talon is possibly the best suction cup bike roof rack ever. Simply position the cups where you need them, initiate the suction cups, and they’re locked in place. To remove it, release the cup – it’s that easy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: don’t forget to unload your bike first – that would not be fun.

Ideal For Any Bike, Even The Fit Tired Ones
Yes, we’re not lying – this car bike rack can carry almost any bike on almost any car.

It features the HUSKE Fork Mount and a rear-wheel velcro strap 22” in length. No matter the size of your bike or the thickness of its tires, you’ll be able to get hooked up to your car and on the road to your cycling adventures.

What’s In The Box
Talon 1-Bike Rack with 3 Vacuum Suction Cups
HUSKE Universal Fork Mount
22-inch Rear Wheel Strap
Spare SeaSucker Pump
Crank Arm Straps To Prevent Pedals Scratching Your Car
5g Lube Tube To Maintain the Vacuum Pump

Plus 1 free set of Huske Plugs that fits your bike!

Have bikes with different sized axles? The Talon MAX comes with all the different popular sized Huske Plugs or you can find the exact ones you need here.

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