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Oveja Negra Bike packing bags
washing your bike

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Oveja Negra Bike packing bags
washing your bike

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Give your bike a spa day or maybe you want to maximize those watts that reach the pavement. Either way, here is all the cleaning and maintenance you're looking for.

Silca Super Secret Bike Chain Lube

Silica's secret sauce is among the best of the best when it comes to bike chain lube. With this liquid chain wax your bike chain will thank you with extra life and more wattage to the pavement.

Silca Bike Chain & Drivetrain Cleaner

This foaming bike chain cleaner by Silca is the best at cleaning your bicycle parts. Foam turns a purplish red when activated letting you know its getting to work.

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Hydration & Nutrition

Looking for some more energy? Check out our all natural line-up of performance chews, energy drink mix or maybe you just want a protein bar.

Honey Stinger Performance Chews

This natural performance energy chew by honey stinger comes with an extra kick of caffeine. Preferred by many athletes who want an extra boost.

Honey Stinger Energy Chews

These energy chews by honey stinger are superior to Gatorade's version because they are completely natural - thats right, no red 40 dye

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Bags & Accessories

Mount'm up and go on a trip with these fun bags. What ever your cup of tea, racing, bikepacking or a stroll through the park. Keep all the stuff you need at an arms reach.

Oveja Negra Bikepacking Bags

These Oveja Negra Bags Are probably the greats addition to your bikepacking setup. Keep all your gear where you need it.

RoadRunner Touring Bags

These hand made water bottle bags are a great way to keep your water cold and readily available by mounting right behind your handlebar bag on your stem.

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Parts & Equipment

What kind of parts do you need? Turns out America offers the best of the best right here.

Cane Creek's performance Suspension stem

Cane Creek is among the best in performance cycling Parts. The eeSilk suspension stem is no exception with on the fly variable dampening adjustment and large adjustment dampening inserts.

Sea Sucker Talon bike rack

Concerned about how a roof rack will affect your car? This bike rack by Sea Sucker uses suction cups to secure your bike. Great for traveling, simply suck it to the roof of your rental car. It's a fantastic alternative to that Saris bike rack you've been looking at.

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