How supporting local businesses benefits the economy

How supporting local businesses benefits the economy

A revolution on two wheels

In the crowded marketplace, CycleWyze is lighting a beacon for those who value genuine American craftsmanship. You see, while we might look like your average cyclists, deep down we’re patriotic riders who understand and recognize the importance of American-made quality products and the prosperity and opportunity it brings to the USA when we make a conscious effort to choose local.

What’s more, we want to bring this movement to you, so join us as we reveal why supporting local businesses is so critical, especially in the US cycling domain. And, of course, don’t forget to browse our very own selection of American-made bicycle parts and cycling gear on our website.

A fresh take on the American Dream

Every purchase of USA-made cycling gear—whether it’s bicycle accessories like road runner bags, activewear or even bike maintenance goods—is a vote of confidence when it comes to the American Dream.
Big name brands that currently monopolize the cycling market in the US weren’t born overnight. They emerged after years of relentless dedication and craftsmanship, not to mention a dream to create quality American products on our home soil. By supporting these brands, and choosing local, we’re fostering our very own economy and painting a future where the phrase ‘Made In USA’ is our reality.

Quality over quantity

One of our missions at CycleWyze is to ensure that every cyclist—whether they’re just starting out in their journey or are a seasoned pro—has everything they need, and gets the best out there.

While the bar is high for sports brands, you as a consumer are investing in your future with durable products when you invest in these brands. For many, there’s an unbeatable charm in knowing that your bike’s accessories and components have been crafted with care and precision. Not to mention, an unrivaled peace of mind when the toughest terrains lie ahead in front of you.

Eco-friendly bicycles

Sourcing local products simply makes a huge difference to our carbon footprint. After all, shipping products from around the world requires significant energy use. By choosing local and USA cycling products from the likes of Boone, Cane Creek, Silica or Oveja Negra, we as consumers aren’t just reducing that energy and distance but also lowering emissions and doing our bit for the environment—which means we can continue to enjoy the various landscapes along our rides. Every local purchase is a pedal stroke towards a greener and brighter future.

Standards you can trust

Buying American products—be it bike packing bags, panniers, handlebar bags or even fork bags— doesn’t just have a positive impact on the world around us but you can also trust the working conditions involved. Similar to the US’ environmental regulations, American manufacturers must follow stringent rules and regulations which many other countries around the world just don’t have.

What’s more, child labor laws and OSHA regulations mean you purchase your products safely in the knowledge that the people making your items are protected. It’s not just about fair working conditions but also wages and environmental responsibility of the brands you’re investing in. Along with these American brands, you’re standing up for ethical production and sustainable practices—and it stands as a testament to you as consumers who value more than just a price tag.

Improved trade

The figures speak for themselves and we can’t hide from the fact that the US is currently facing a trade deficit. This means that we currently import more than is exported, which can result in an unhealthy amount of borrowing and debt to other countries.

But, by purchasing products made in the US, gradually demand for domestically produced products will increase. A sure-fire way to encourage more exports, this has a positive effect on overall American trade too. What’s more, the benefits don’t stop there as when domestic businesses do well, it opens up the door for more jobs and opportunities, furthermore stimulating the economy.

Employment and local economies

Behind every product is a person who made it and their story. By choosing to support local businesses and American-made products, you’re having a direct impact on US artisans and craftsmen. Not just that but you’re actively fostering a community across the whole country that prides itself on job growth while ensuring the people of the US have opportunities and stability in the future.

Embracing innovation

Another benefit of choosing local is that you’re investing in companies and giving them the means to embrace innovation alongside age-old craftsmanship. More than just banking on traditional methods and products, businesses are able to use technology to design and create a fusion of products and services that not only boost our overall cycling experience but carry a legacy and promise of the future too.

Like-minded enthusiasts

There’s nothing like the camaraderie that comes from a joint force championing local businesses that CycleWyze has made easy. When you combine this with an already supportive cycling community, the feeling is unrivaled. By choosing to buy American cycling gear and components, we’re not just making a purchase but pushing forward a movement and creating a community. One that shares experiences, tips and stories and one that is bound by shared aspirations.

Authenticity investment

We live in a world dominated by mass production and overconsumption, as well as fleeting trends. Choosing American-made products is an investment in authenticity however. Every cycling product is more than just a purchase, it tells a story of passion and dedication. Whether the product boasts a sturdy design or a one-of-a-kind functionality, you’re investing in this authentic experience. Above all, when we choose local, and value authenticity, we’re not just buying another cycling product but buying into the narrative of genuine craftsmanship.

Creating a chain reaction

Our choices have a ripple effect beyond just commerce, however. Indeed, when we shop consciously and support American cycling brands, the positive effects go on much further than just the immediate transaction. Instead, other sectors are stimulated, therefore meaning we’re supporting more than just one business but an entire ecosystem.

Finally, consider this: the products we use to propel our bicycles and fitness forward could also be used to push our economy in the same positive direction. By supporting American businesses, it could be said that we’re creating a chain reaction too. One that goes beyond commerce. Instead, our choices are nurturing community growth and fostering national pride in everything we do. Even better, these can become the foundations for a future where our children and grandchildren can thrive.

Pedaling towards a prosperous future

The benefits are clear. But, it’s not a solo journey. Instead, the ride towards prosperity requires a collective effort, almost a peloton moving together. That’s why at CycleWyze, we’re doing everything we can to be more than just a cycling store. We aim to create a community and we want to call upon every patriotic cyclist—whatever stage of the journey you’re at—to join us. Because the time is now and together if we pedal forward with passion and purpose, we can ensure our American Dream remains a reality.

It all begins with a single act—your choice. For us, it’s about picking locally-sourced and American made and manufactured cycling products. Plus, we aim to make it even easier for you to join our movement by curating a selection of goods and products from local US brands. So, we invite you to explore our range of biking gear while taking a step forward into this bigger and all-encompassing mission: to bring prosperity back to the USA.

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