CycleWyze Announces the Addition of The Renowned Oveja Negra to Its Line of Durable Bikepacking Bags

Oveja Negra Bike packing bags

The company is committed to boosting the economy as its entire product line is comprised of products solely made within the USA
Bikepacking is an interesting activity that allows cyclists to improve their overall health while venturing into new terrain. For an optimum bikepacking experience, riders must travel light by carefully selecting the essentials they will require on their trip such as food, water, clothing, first aid kit, and insect repellant, to name a few. However, top of the essentials list is a sturdy and dynamic bikepacking bag that provides ample room for the rest of one’s gear. CycleWyze is committed to improving its client’s bike packing trip, ensuring that it is easy and smooth.
CycleWyze LLC is a new digital company that is providing made-in-USA affordable and authentic cycling equipment and gear, alongside building a community as it hosts an annual trash pick-up event that gathers cyclists from around the United States to help clean up the roadways and cycling trails. The company boasts waterproof and authentic bikepacking bags, accessories, bike parts, equipment, and cleaning and maintenance kits from the Honey Stinger, SeaSucker, and Silca brands. CycleWyze is now pleased to announce a new addition to its high-quality lineup, the Oveja Negra bike packing bags.

The Oveja Negra line consists of a range of highly functional bike packing bags suitable for gravel, mountain, or cyclocross bikes, to name a few. The Oveja Negra range of backpacks includes the Oveja Negra 1/2 Pack Frame Bag, the Bikepacking Front End Loader Handle Bar Dry Bag Mount, and the Bootlegger Fork Bag (Direct Mount), the Bikepacking Snack Pack Top Tube Bag amongst others. The inclusion of the Oveja Negra line under the umbrella of CycleWyze LLC is to improve the variety and affordability of USA-made bikepacking bags for adventurous patriots.
Speaking on the latest addition, Karl Menace, the Vice President of CycleWyze had this to say: “I believe there is nothing more powerful in this world than voting with your dollars. Supporting local business is the best way to build our nation up and that’s exactly what CycleWyze has set out to do.”
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About CycleWyze LLC
CycleWyze LLC is owned by Karl Menace, a serial entrepreneur and dogged businessman. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Karl has faced and overcome different challenges in his life and business. From a house fire that left him homeless to a bogus remodeling contract, he has weathered storms that could destroy other people. CycleWyze LLC is a business borne from determination and hard lessons about preparedness and adaptability.

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