CycleWyze Aims to Put America First by Taking Cycle Industry Manufacturing Back from China

The newly launched ecommerce business was formed as a solution to supply chain instability and to boost patriotism in the national cycling community

ODESSA, Texas (April 22, 2023)—Karl Menace has always been a problem solver and a bit of a risk taker. So when he saw continued challenges with the international supply chain on the heels of the pandemic and growing tensions between China and Taiwan, the entrepreneur and creator saw an opportunity to launch a cycling gear ecommerce business focused on delivering only American-made goods.

Like other industries, many of the cycling industry’s products come from China, from the bikes cyclists ride to the gear they wear. And for Menace, that’s a problem, especially in the face of continued supply chain issues and Chinese political unrest with Taiwan, which could disrupt markets further.

So instead of allowing the cycling industry to be at the mercy of volatile market conditions, Menace decided to create CycleWyze, an ecommerce business that offers American-made gear for cyclists.

“Nearly every industry has been impacted by supply chain issues–the cycling industry included. If we invested more in American-made goods, we wouldn’t have found ourselves in the mess we were in,” said Menace. “I created CycleWyze to bring this America- and quality-first focus back into the cycling industry with goods Americans can buy to support their neighbors and contribute to building a booming American economy.”

CycleWyze offers a wide variety of cycling goods, including cleaning and maintenance supplies, hydration and nutrition products, bags and accessories, and parts and equipment, with plans to continue to expand its selection.

In addition to offering American-made cycling gear and supplies, CycleWyze is also focused on supporting local and national charities through meaningful partnerships. The company’s first collaboration is with Woah Nellie Great Dane Rescue, and Menace hopes to continue to build partnerships with other charitable, community, and business organizations.

To learn more about CycleWyze and to shop its cycling gear, visit

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