Honey Stinger Strawberry Kiwi Energy Gel

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CycleWyze Strawberry Kiwi Energy Gel Box of 24: Revitalize your ride with 24 bursts of strawberry and kiwi-infused energy. Tailored for cyclists, these convenient energy gels ensure sustained performance and a refreshing taste on every adventure. Power up with CycleWyze for an energized cycling experience.

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Tried energy sports gels before?

Well, prepare to experience a power gel like no other with the Honey Stinger Strawberry Kiwi Energy Gel. Picture the romance of strawberries, their subtle sweetness, and oh-so-moreish vibrancy, paired with the zestiness of kiwi, all packed together in an energy gel for cycling and running — designed to push you forward when you need it the most. It’s a picture of taste, texture and tantalizing energy.

Power Gel

At the heart of these incredible energy cycling gels is the luscious taste of strawberry. Known and favored all over the world for their gentle sugary notes. But here to unite the sweet tones is the tangy kiwi, which when paired together delivers an energy experience and burst that is sure to have you coming back for more. While the flavor of these energy gels might pack a punch, and ensure they stand apart from the crowd, these gels are so much more than just that.

Energy Gels for Cycling

As you travel along the terrain, tires treading the landscapes, and your body working harder and faster, these gels replenish your energy and give you that all important push in the right direction, all thanks to the natural and organic honey. An orchestra amongst a symphony of flavors. Another thing that sets Honey Stinger and their range of energy gels apart is the commitment they uphold to clean and wholesome nutrition. Every flavor is chosen with purposeful pairing, every ingredient picked in a way that guarantees their performance.

Looking for an Energy Boost?

To get the most out of your energy boost, kick start your adventure with a squeeze of gel about 15 minutes before you set off. Then, as you pedal forward, whether you’re meandering through local country lanes or racing to the finish line, stay refueled with another sachet every 30-45 minutes. The compact size of these sachets and their tear-and-squeeze design ensures you don’t need to waste any time or energy when it comes to consumption, and you can easily keep them by your side. For best results, be sure to enjoy regular sips of water or even your preferred electrolyte drink for faster absorption and hydration levels.

Sports Gel

With this gel, you don’t need to worry about any artificial components or hidden nasties. Instead, just push forward and enjoy unlimited rejuvenated feelings and the ability to conquer any trail. It’s an energy gel that transports you to sunlit gardens and better days, an energy gel that promises pleasure for your taste buds and performance. The stage is set with nature’s sweethearts taking their place and now it’s time for you to make your grand entrance. Plus, get ready to take your performance to the next level with our range of Gu Energy Gels and Gatorade Pods coming soon.

  • Packed with natural and organic ingredients
  • Sweet and zesty with the addition of honey
  • Enjoy before every adventure and while you’re on the move
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