SeaSucker Monkey Bars – 48″ Roof Cross Bar System

The Monkey Bars are round black powder-coated aluminum cross bars; choose between the standard 48″ cross bars and the new extended 60″ cross bars. Either version allows you to easily attach accessories for activities such as kayaking, skiing, surfing and paddle boarding, biking, or hauling cargo. Powered by 6″ SeaSucker vacuum mounts (4 up front and 2 in the rear), the Monkey Bars fit on just about any car with a roof. Have a wide or narrow roof? No worries, the vacuum mounts can be moved to any position on the bar to ensure a perfect fit for any vehicle.

60″ cross bars are comprised of the standard 48″ bars plus the Monkey Bars Extension Kit.

Bar diameter: 1.3″/33mm


Available on backorder


Our one-size-fits-all roof rack system just got a little slicker. We’ve dressed it in black so it’s ready for a night on the town or a stealth mission, and the bars are now screw-together. That means you can unscrew them for easier storage and transport.

Available on backorder


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