Oveja Negra Gearjammer Seat Bag

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Oveja Negra Gearjammer

The ultimate bike seat bag. It sits securely in place, has enough room to hold everything, including the kitchen sink, and doesn’t waggle around when you get up out of the seat – what’s not to love?


Expertly Crafted with Reinforced Stitching

Everything about this bike seat bag screams premium durability. With strategically placed compression straps and ultra-strong stitching, you can carry more soft and compensable items inside the bag while hooking on any maps, water bags, or other harder belongings.


No matter what, you can remain confident this bag will stand up to the test of long, bumpy rides.


Keep Your Spare Clothes Dry

Made from waterproof material, the Gearjammer is ideal for those who like to ride out in all weather or if you live in an unpredictable climate.


Made In The USA

The Gearjammer is made right here in the USA, using the most refined production methods in the game.


  • Roll-top design and compression straps for ultimate capacity
  • Die-cut and welded seat post attachment
  • External gear loops for hooking additional items
  •  Ergonomic design retains shape to keep the bag away from legs and prevent swaying
  • Waterproof, durable, and built to last


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