Oveja Negra Bootlegger Fork Bag (Direct Mount)



Oveja Negra Bootlegger Bike Fork Bag

The dream direct mount fork bag that lets you ditch the cages and hassle of other bags. With a 2L capacity, you can carry an extra drinks bottle or any other important items you need on your bikepacking trip or long ride.


Lightweight & Easy Install

The innovative aluminum frame and standard 3-pack water bottle mounting system make this perfect for any bike and won’t impact the feel of your ride at all. 


Strapless For Safety

No straps mean no worries about fabric getting caught up in the spokes and sending you for a nasty fall. 


Made In The USA

The aluminum frame and bag were designed and made in the USA under the most robust engineering processes. You’ll never worry if this bag is securely in place.


  • Made from durable urethane-coated webbing
  • 2L capacity for water bottle or other gear
  • Cageless and strapless fitting
  • Reflected logo
  • Colors: {INSERT COLORS}


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