Honey Stinger Honey Waffle – box of 16

Honey Stinger Honey Waffle Box of 16: Enjoy the classic taste of honey in a convenient box of 16 individually wrapped waffles. Cyclist-approved and perfect for on-the-go energy, these waffles provide a satisfying blend of sweetness and quick natural fuel for your active lifestyle.


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Introducing the Honey Stinger Honey Waffle Box of 16 – a generous supply of the beloved classic, perfect for cyclists, runners, and enthusiasts who appreciate the natural goodness of honey. Each individually wrapped waffle offers a delightful blend of sweetness and energy, making it the ultimate on-the-go snack for your active moments.

Key Features:

  1. Pure Honey Goodness: Immerse yourself in the authentic sweetness of honey with every waffle. Crafted with high-quality honey, this box of 16 waffles provides a plentiful supply of natural and wholesome goodness.
  2. Waffle Crunch: Experience the satisfying crunch of each waffle layer, creating a unique texture that complements the rich honey flavor.
  3. Convenient Box of 16: Ideal for those who love to stock up or share with fellow enthusiasts, this box contains 16 individually wrapped Honey Stinger Honey Waffles, ensuring you have a delicious and energizing snack readily available.
  4. Quick and Natural Energy: Packed with carbohydrates from organic honey and organic tapioca syrup, these waffles provide a quick and natural energy boost – perfect for refueling during workouts or outdoor adventures.
  5. Versatile Snacking: Whether you’re cycling, running, or in need of a tasty pick-me-up, the Honey Stinger Honey Waffle Box of 16 offers a versatile and flavorful solution for your snacking needs.
  6. Cyclist Approved: A preferred choice among cyclists for its convenient size and delicious taste, this waffle has become a staple for those who value both energy and flavor.
  7. Quality Assurance: Backed by Honey Stinger’s commitment to quality, each waffle in this box undergoes rigorous testing to meet the brand’s high standards. Trust in the excellence of Honey Stinger for your snacking pleasure.

Elevate your outdoor fueling experience with the Honey Stinger Honey Waffle Box of 16. Whether you’re planning a long ride, a trail run, or simply need a stash of wholesome and tasty snacks, this generous box ensures you’re well-equipped for your active lifestyle.

Available on backorder

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