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CycleWyze Fruit Smoothie Energy Gel Box of 24: Revitalize your ride with 24 bursts of fruity energy. Perfect for cyclists, this convenient box of energy gels ensures you stay fueled and focused on your journey. Experience the refreshing blend of flavors in every packet – your go-to companion for peak performance.

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Cyclists and athletes rejoice

Whether you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to the saddle or are just starting out in your tracks, this Fruit Smoothie Energy Gel from Honey Stinger is your trusty companion, ride after ride. An energy-packed concoction that combines the embrace of a serene tropical island with the power and stance of a fueling station, these energy gels promise that much-need push forward when the going gets tough.

The Squeeze

Just imagine dipping into an assortment of vibrant and flavorful flavors. Every squeeze of these running gels provides a fruity burst, reminiscent of sun-ripened and freshly picked produce. On the topic of picking fruit, each of Honey Stinger’s gels are packed full of natural ingredients picked at the peak for their delicious sweetness, unwavering nutritional properties, and then blended smoothly for your enjoyment. One thing that sets this energy gel apart from the competition is its primary ingredient — organic honey. Famed internationally for its natural sugars, health boosting benefits, and quick energy release, honey perfectly balances out the fruity base of these energy gels for running and cycling, offering an immediate jolt of motivation and a lingering surprise for the tastebuds.

Amazing Taste

But more than just an incredible taste and for its energy-enhancing properties, this Fruit Smoothie Energy Gel is packed with essential nutrients. In fact, we guarantee it’s one of the best running gels and cycling gels around. As you race through open roads or meander through derelict mountain paths, this compact gel will always be by your side. Ensuring that you or your energy levels never fail.


For best results and optimal energy delivery, enjoy the Honey Stinger Fruit Smoothie Gel at least 15 minutes before you set off. Then, once you’re on the move, consume a sachet of gel every 30-45 minutes. The compact size means they’re easy to enjoy on the move, simply tear the top off the pouch, and squeeze into your mouth. While these energy boosters have been designed to help you reach the peak, it’s important that you stay hydrated too. Even better, drinking water or enjoying an electrolyte drink after using these gels will help the gel to be absorbed quicker, meaning you get the boost you need.

Enter the world of Honey Stinger Fruit Smoothie Energy Gel, where every squeeze transports you ahead to a tropical paradise. Where taste and sensory delight meet unparalleled energy infusion. Plus, with the added bonus of some power-packed nutrition.

So whether you’re sprinting on tracks, tackling tough terrain, or maybe even leisurely exploring local trails, allow this energy gel to guide you along the way, guaranteeing that your energy lasts and your performance never fails. What’s more, with our range of Gu Energy Gels and Gatorade Pods coming soon, your ride just got even better.

  • Natural, wholesome, and nutritional energy boosters
  • Delicious and vibrant fruity tasty
  • Enjoy before you set off and on-the-go

Box of 24

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