Honey Stinger Acai Pomegranate Energy Gel

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CycleWyze Acai Pomegranate Energy Gel Box of 24: Indulge in the exotic blend of acai and pomegranate with these energy gels. Designed for cyclists, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts, this convenient box ensures you stay fueled on every adventure. Experience natural energy and delicious taste with CycleWyze.


Think energy boost supplements have one job only?

These energy enhancers from Honey Stinger not only give you a push in the right direction but promise a punch of flavor along with the added extra of those much-need nutrients so that your workouts are never dull again. With a simple squeeze, you can venture into exotic realms thanks to Honey Stinger’s Acai Pomegranate natural energy boosters. Guaranteed to be the best energy boosters you’ve tried, your mind is transported to rainforests afar, with each squeeze and step unveiling a hidden treasure of flavor as well as burst of performance you didn’t know you had.

Energy Boosters

With a deep and fruit flavor that comes from acai berries, this energy gel is packed with nutritional properties thanks to the berries’ antioxidant nature. Ruby-red and bursting with a tangy freshness, when paired with the sharpness of pomegranate, it creates a revolutionary blend that tantalizes the taste buds and arms even the most professional athletes with an energy punch worth coming back for. As well as this berry duet, Honey Stinger products also embrace the magic of organic honey, allowing it to shine through in sweetness and stamina.

Each sachet of energy gel promises a revolutionary session for users. There’s flavor, quality and nature-derived energy. Not to mention, an exhilarating fitness journey, whether you’re pounding the trail by foot or bike. What’s more as the miles stretch ahead and the road seems to get tougher, these energy gels can be the wind beneath your power, propelling with forward with purpose and passion.

Before each Ride or Run

Simply consume this exotic energy gel at least 15 minutes before you start. Plus, to maintain consistent power, performance and energy, be sure to reintroduce the energy gels into your system every 30-45 minutes during your activity. With these Honey Stinger gels that’s super easy too as their compact size and easy-tear top are designed for fitness enthusiasts on the move. Just tear, squeeze, and get ready to go! For even better absorption and to stay refreshed, be sure to couple the gel with regular hydration too, be it water or sports drink.

One thing that truly sets this gel apart is that with every sachet, you know you’re investing in yourself and your performance with a product that is rooted in natural goodness. More than just an energy source, these gels promise an experience, a quality and commitment to your journey. Plus, they promise a concoction of power to push forward every pedal and invigorate every mile. Keep your eyes peeled for our range of Gu Energy Gels and Gatorade Pods coming soon for even more energy and performance-led pushes.

  • Natural sweet and juicy thanks to honey, acai berries and pomegranate
  • Designed for those on-the-move
  • Enjoy before every adventure and during your sessions
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